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KLM Lighting is a China-based commercial & architectural LED lighting manufacturer of energy-efficient commercial LED lighting solutions for global markets. Our business began in 2011 in Guangdong, where we produced launched the LED downlight, led track light, led linear light. In 2018, KLM lighting has launched the most innovative LED Magnetic Light fixture products. In 2020, KLM lighting follows the market’s innovative products launched 360degree lightingtube.
Since then, we have revolutionized the use of LEDs. We are focused on providing commercial and architectural lighting products.

KLM Lighting much success is due to repeat customers and referrals. The contractor or lighting designer, choose KLM lamps to transform interior spaces with the fine play of light manipulation. We’ve worked with commercial hotels, retail boutiques, residential homes, apartments, to even pop-up stores and events by offering lighting solutions to discerning owners and designers who see light as more than just illumination.
With more than about 10 years of manufacturing experience, we keep trying to be one of the best suppliers to clients by providing various kinds of commercial lighting fixtures.

  • 360degree lighting tube
  • 24V Magnetic lighting system
  • The Curvy magnetic lighting system
  • Led linear light
  • Up & Down led linear light
  • Led track light
  • Museum & Shapable track light
  • Led downlight
circle magnetic track lighting system
led downlights for library
360degree tube for gym

All Types of LED Lights to Support Your Projects

Hotel Downlights | Museum Track lights | Linear lights | Magnetic lighting | 360degree lights
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KLM is your trust LED downlights manufacturer in China,You can find more than 200+ different designs & function downlights or spotlights here. Pull out spotlights & combination downlights very much loved by architects in recent years.

Track lights

Supplied professional led track light for museum or gallery, beam angle with round/square or different sizes to meet different occasions and screen sizes. DALI,0-10V, and Triac dim all functions can be supplied.

Linear lights

Choose OSRAM 2835 LEDs with RA90 for office lighting design, recessed linear light, surface linear light, and wall washer linear lights options. Can do seamless connect one by one. Accept customized any design shape.

Magnetic lights

LED standard, round or curvy magnetic track lighting system and accent fixtures, available in a variety of design types. Our LED Magnetic Track Light System offers a new generation of lighting with tremendous flexibility and possibilities

360D lighting

In order to cooperate with different sites and constructions, we provide different product accessories to combine different 360-degree light-emitting tubes. KLM’s 360-degree luminous tube material uses gas-phase silica gel.

Pendant lights

Led pendant light ranges that convey innovation and modern fashion aesthetic. Light & space are integrated into the frontiers of the design words. Interchangeable optics unit through a twist & lock mechanism.

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KLM Lighting Prides On Providing Stable Quality LED Lighting

KLM Lighting Manufacturer Production Control:

  • Every employee of KLM’s production lines must be trained to meet the standards before taking up his job;
  • Our QC employees undergo rigorous inspections to ensure that the passing rate of LED lights reaches 100%;
  • After elaborately manufacturing, our LED lights will exceed your expectations;

KLM LED Light Manufacturer Aging Testing:

  • Every LED light must undergo strict aging testing before leaving our LED lighting factory;
  • We guarantee that each batch of LED lights needs to be aged for more than 24 hours;

KLM LED Lights Package:

  • We offer the best quality carton, also according to your brand custom packaging services to you if needed;
  • In order to avoid LED lights damage during transportation;
magnetic track lighting manufacture

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Who Use KLM Lighting Done Project Cases

Office | Hotel | Shopping Mall | Museum | Luxury Shop | Car Showroom

Global LED Lights Brands

If you are a led light brands and sell led lights to your local market, then KLM can be your best led light OEM manufacturer, you can choose from our standard led light designs to start, and custom your own led lights when your business increase.

Led Lights Trading Company

If you are a led light trading company, KLM will 100% support your mid-man business, you can also become our agent in your area, KLM always gives all support to our global agents.

LED Lights Projects

If you are building a hotel, a museum, or any other project, you must need led lights. KLM provides commercial lights, architecture lights from indoor to outdoor lighting, you just need to send us your project details, KLM will do the rest.

KLM LED Lights Manufacturing Equipment

downlights IES test

IES testing standards

downlights CNC manchine

CNC Machine

magnetic track bar manufacture

Work Shop

Frequently Asked Questions of LED Lights

  • Over 10 Years of Commercial Lights Manufacturing Experience.
  • Fast product updates.
  • Quick Response Supply Chain & Quick Delivery.
  • 100% Quality Inspection Before Shipment.
  • EU Patented Designs.
  • Fast Lead Time.
  • Up to 5 Years warranty.
  • Directly Factory Price.
  • OEM/ODM.
  • Private label.
  • 3D printing

Production time: samples need 3-5 working days. Bulk orders take 7-25 working days.

Triac dim | 0-10V and DALI can be option.

Standard with 3years.

During the guarantee period, we will send new lights with new orders for a small quantity. For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution including re-call according to the real situation.

Absolutely, we have more than 10 years of factory experience and industry accumulation in China, and we are definitely your most reliable supplier

Fast reply;

Newest led lights type;

As a led commercial lighting manufacturer, KLM Lighting supply you with various kinds of led downlights, led linear light, led track light, magnetic light, pendent light, and 360degree lighting system, etc. You can also enjoy our trouble-free customer service during working with us.

We have related records to monitor IQC and QC, all lamps will have a 24-72 hours aging test before leaving the factory.