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KLM Lighting: Your Trusted LED Pendant Light Manufacturer In China

Keeping up with the market trend, we design fashionable, modern, and unique LED chandeliers 100% suitable for indoor lighting design, kitchen lighting, and commercial lighting. In addition to the conventional 220V surface mounted and suspended mounted, our products can also be used for rail mounting and magnetic mounting. Of course, dimming is the most basic function, Traic dim, 0-10v or DALI can all be satisfied. The color of the chandelier body can also be customized. If you need an led pendant light that is different from the ordinary market, you can choose KLM.

How To Light The Lighting Area With LED Pendant Lights?

LED Pendant lights are available in many shapes and sizes. KLM lighting led pendant light belongs to ourself design, like very common long tube pendant light, we also have Apple style, Round style, Cone style and Red lantern style with Chinese characteristics use the most expensive silicone spray paint on the market, except black, white color, red, green, any color we can be customized for your lighting design.

  • KLM self-design all LED Pendant Lights style, because they suspend down from the ceiling, they tend to rest directly in the line of sight.
  • KLM pendant light fixtures, including modern pendant lighting, simple pendant lighting, and specially design type pendant lights like round apple types.
  • KLM pendant light, in addition to the common black and white, according to the needs of different spaces, it can also be made in red, gold, and other macaron colors.
  • KLM pendant light uses the most expensive silicone spray paint to that Improve user feel.
  • With honeycomb design reduce anti-glare from KLM pendant light.
  • Special pendant light shape brings users a different experience.
  • In addition to 220V conventional surface mounting or suspending lighting, it can also be Magnetic mounted with KLM magnetic lighting series.
  • The luminaire is dimmable like Triac dim,0-10v, or DALI.
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Why does KLM need to design the shape of the pendant light?

The ultra-high requirements for the appearance of the product and the extreme requirements for the painting of the led pendant lamp allow KLM to combine its own advantages to design a variety of products that are eye-catching.

As a sentimental company, the boss is also a designer. We have many customers from overseas Chinese. After much cooperation and contact, the customer and we have jointly designed a special model with a typical Chinese style. Chandelier—LED Red Lantern. It is the best choice for Chinese style lighting led pendant light design.

Why did KLM pendant light choose expensive silicone spray?

Pendant lights are often used in multiples, hung in a straight line over kitchen countertops and dinette sets, or sometimes in bathrooms. So for customers, texture and touch are very important.

  • Advantages of Pendant lights silicone spraying:
  • After spraying, the touch feels fine and smooth, and the touch feels frosted;
  • The dustproof effect is good, the surface is dirty and easy to clean, and the abrasion resistance is weak;
  • Improve the appearance of the product, and at the same time can effectively prevent silica gel products from adsorbing dust and dirt;

The only disadvantage of Pendant lights silicone spray is the high cost.

Why choose KLM as your pendant light supplier?

Choose from 15/24/38degree fixed direction and beam spread with KLM LED pendant product. The design with honeycomb while affording light from a single-cylinder in diecast metal. Our glare-shielded pendant product, made with a variety of trim styles for commercial-grade applications, can also be used for residences.

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What LED pendant light?

A pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender, is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. Pendant lights are often used in multiples, hung in a straight line over kitchen countertops and dinette sets, or sometimes in bathrooms.

Why choose the KLM pendant light for your project?

  • More than 50+ types you can choose;
  • NO MOQ;
  • Accept length and body-color customized;
  • Surface/Suspended/Magnetic mounted;
  • Samples box can be supplied;
  • Simples types can be with GU10 base;
  • Easy retrofit & installation;
  • Accept customized pendant light design;

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