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Professional Track light for Museum & Gallery; Anti-Glare design track light with honeycomb for commercial lighting design.

KLM Manufactures Various LED track lights for Your Business.

KLM Lighting: Your Trusted Track Light Manufacturer In China

High quality at museum gallery level LED track lights to come from KLM lighting-one of the best-LED track lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China. KLM Lighting LED focuses on the design, development, and production of LED track light fixtures over 10 years. At the same time, KLM LED provides complete LED track lighting systems solutions, including track lights, guide rails and LED connectors. If you are engaged in the business of track lamps, you can purchase all the accessories from KLM LED. Like GLOBE brand track accessories etc.

How to Use Track Lighting for Commercial Spaces?

Except for professional track light for Museum & Gallery area application, like a commercial, cafes, stores, and residential homes how to choose led track light?

  • Different designs styles of track light body: round/square/rectangle and linear types;
  • Different body colors: white & black or customized color;
  • Deep anti-glare with honeycomb, URG<16, is ideal for many types of retail space;
  • Can be rotated and tilted at different angles and this ease of adjustability can help to keep pace with a frequently evolving retail environment;
  • Different mounted, like track adapter, surface base, the integrated driver with adapter, etc.
  • Dimmable track lighting is available and designed to give more control over the brightness and ambiance required of your ceiling lights, like TRIAC DIM,0-10V, and DALI.
  • Compatible with many circuit track lighting systems,like GLOBE brand;
  • When designed correctly and selecting the most suitable type of track lighting fixtures, the best features of any retail or commercial space.
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How To Light The Museum & Gallery Area With LED Track Lights?

KLM supplied Led track light product Family is a track lighting system. Standard track lights include round or square or with a narrow mounting edge, adjustable, fixed, or as a wall washer. Zoomable track light beam angle can be adjustable from 10~60degree, 50*50mm square track light also professional. Top-quality shapable track lights satisfy the needs of all different shapes and sizes in the same space, such as the creation of Buddha light.

  • COB Track Light has the characteristics of high reliability, uniform light emission, and high color rendering index, and is widely used in downlights, spotlights, ceiling lights, bathroom track lights, etc. For Museum & Gallery Area always using CRI95.
  • Zoomable track light can be adjustable beam angle on the lamp lens, KLM 045Z series beam angle can do 10~60Ddegree. Decorative zoom led track light to enhance elegance and beauty in the installation spaces.
  • The shapeable LED track light is designed for museum lighting or any special lighting purpose that requires the light output to be a certain shape. The Framing Projector uses two lenses for precise focus adjustment to highlight artwork and wall décor or project images, signs, and corporate logos.
  • Wall Wash Architectural LED Track Light, is designed to light up the walls evenly and make a statement on your accent wall. Wall Wash Architectural LED Track Light, is designed to light up the walls evenly and make a statement on your accent wall. This type of light “washes” the wall or an area of the wall with illumination, it is an excellent choice for commercial, retail, and hospitality applications.
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Why is PINSHIP Hidden track light popular?

Perfect for contemporary homes, offices, and workspaces, high-end retail, and small rooms where space is a premium, KLM PINSHIP hidden track lighting keeps the ceiling clean and unadorned;

  • Hidden track light with magnetic function, free move & free adjustable;
  • Exclusive track bar design for single or double line;
  • Hidden track bar with strip light combination design;
  • 24/48V low voltage,100% safe;
  • Diversity of styles;
  • A hidden light track bar can do seamless connect;
  • A hidden light track bar specifically design with Gypsum together;
  • 4wire can do single or group control;
  • Sand white or sand black color option;
  • Easy install;
  • A hidden track bar inside with a strip light for indirectly lighting;
  • The magnetic function can free adjustable track light for any angle;
  • Common track bar & Gypsum track bar option;
  • 24/48V low voltage, safe touch;
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Flexible track lighting system (VINE series)

Introducing the rising star in industrial-style design – the flexible track lighting system.

In contemporary space lighting design, linear elements are increasingly being embraced. We refer to the path that light follows in a straight line as a “track.” Light itself is both invisible and intangible, but when it is harnessed and fixed, it transforms into a captivating and creative luminary. By using light as a source of inspiration in space design, we can unleash our imagination to craft unique and innovative lighting fixtures.

  • 24V Flexible lighting design: Experience the versatility of our innovative lighting solution.
  • Unique upward lighting: Add ambient lighting and create a captivating atmosphere.
  • Flexible tracks for unlimited possibilities: Intersect, align, suspend, and tilt at will.
  • Customizable sizes for the perfect fit: Cut to match the dimensions of your space.
  • Strong orientation with the ceiling and wall connection: Enhance architectural features and guide the eye.
  • Add lamps with freshness and design: Customize your lighting arrangement effortlessly.
VINE Flexible Track Lights Series CATALOG | DOWNLOAD

Why choose KLM as your led track lights supplier in China?

Round type | Square type | SMD type | Wall Washer | Zoomable | CCT tunable | Shapeable

  • Original LEDs brand, like CREE/Bridgelux, etc;
  • High CRI>90/95;
  • Fixed beam angel or zoomable types;
  • Wall washer reflector for track light;
  • Shapeable track light design different lighting effects;
  • Integrated track adaptor can be supplied;
  • GLOBE brand also siutable;

10-60° Top Sell

Zoomable & Shapeable Track Light

Best application for Museum & Gallary

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What is LED Track Light?

The led track light is a directional illumination, can be with the continuous track bar install anywhere. Tracking lights application included Retail shops, showrooms, art galleries, offices, barbershop, and dining rooms. It is a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Why is zoomable LED Track Light popular?

Zoomable LED track lamp is designed with an adjustable beam angle from 10° to 60° for delivering flexible light to the needs of different lighting. Especially in the practical application of museums and galleries, the size of different sizes can be flexibly adjusted to the spot size.

What is 0-10V KNOB dimming? (local dimming?)

Led track light with knob dimmer switch help you can directly control light turn the knob to select the light intensity. Normally it is 0-10V dimming type. It is best to function with track light CCT tunable using together.

Why choose KLM LED Track Lights?

  • More than 200+ types, follow LED market popular types;
  • NO MOQ;
  • Adopt CREE Ra90 LEDs & LIFUD driver for standard;
  • Track light can easily adapt the direction of the light;
  • Versatility according to lighting design, can be altered as necessary for each room;
  • Various designs and patterns can be used to build lighting layouts: squares, rectangles, grid formats, etc;
  • Easy to install, can be suspended by rods or cables, and mounted onto drop ceilings, also referred to as T-bar or grid ceilings;
  • Track lighting is that it offers ambient, accent or task lighting;
  • Highly customizable, adjustable to match changing decor;

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    Yes, our adaptor can be fixed with like GLOBAL, STAFF, NUCO etc brand track bar.

    The standard color is white or black.

    KLM zoomable track light & shapeable track light best using for museum & gallery spaces.

    Triac dim / 0-10v / DALI or smart control like 2.4G, WIFI, Tuya and Zigbee etc.

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