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Original OSARM led linear light can be done seamlessly. 24V decoration lamps combination system.

KLM Manufactures Various LED linear lights for Your Business.

KLM Lighting: Your Trusted Linear Light Manufacturer In China

In Here-KLM Lighting, you can find the most complete office linear lights and linear spotlights, such as hanging linear lights, recessed mounting linear lights, up & down office linear lamps, wall washer linear lights, and all linear lights can be seamless connect.

KLM LED Linear LED Pendant Standard 1200 mm – Lengths and colors can be customized.

Modern LED chandelier. Great for over desk or office lighting. Also suitable for use over kitchen counters or conference tables. KLM chandeliers have straight lines from small to wide. Through different accessories, KLM chandeliers can also be freely combined into square, rectangular, rectangular, hexagonal, and other forms, so this series can be used for different purposes.

office linear lights DALI

How To Light The Commercial Area With LED Linear Lights?

KLM as a LED linear lighting manufacturer in China, can manufacture all kinds of simple and fashion LED linear lights according to your requirements. We provide straight connector I, connector T, connector L, connector X, and connector V, etc, with seamless function which will create sleek and elegant linear LED lighting to exceed your expectation. Our LED linear light can be customized for any length and shape your need. And it is a modularization design, easy to disassemble, easy maintenance. Lighting designers love them because they give a very clean and modern aesthetic for commercial spaces, industrial spaces, and medical offices, or any space with an open ceiling plan.

  • Suspended with PC linear light also can choose with a pole (rods) mounted, power cable can be requested length size;
  • KLM Linear light includes PC Diffusion, with straight blade louver, Honeycomb, Anti-dazzle, Wall washer and anti-glare cap, etc different designs;
  • UP & Down linear light is the best application for office lighting, different anti-glare types satisfied different lighting requests;
  • For big projects seamless linear lights are easy to install and save shipping costs, Different seamless splicing pieces can also be easily customized for various shapes;
  • When you need to illuminate a wall, you can choose seamless wall washer linear lights to wash the wall for lighting;
  • Linear lights are also often used in the lighting design of supermarkets, polarized light symmetry, and asymmetric different angles can be provided;
  • In addition to recessed installation and suspended/surface mounted, our linear lights can also cooperate with the track head and track system;

Why KLM LED Linear Lights is your best China Supplier?

Up-down | Seamless | Wall washer | Asymmetric | Track adapter | Combination function

Up & Down LED Linear Light

Linear light just illuminates a space. Unwanted glare can be distracting and can gradually lead to eye strain for employees who use the computer continuously for extended periods of time. Up and down linear lighting uniform lighting is ergonomically the best choice for office lighting, the best application for office lighting, up and down lighting, and no glare for direct vision. Improve the sense of space by lighting up and down and changing the atmosphere of the office environment. Moreover, the features of seamless splicing and extreme anti-glare effect can meet the needs of various sizes of office space, allowing people to have a comfortable office experience;
KLM’s upper and lower linear lights, 120-degree diffuse upward lighting, make the light more uniform, it is easier to enhance the sense of space, and make the space look “bigger”. For the downward lighting part, different optical accessories can be selected according to the actual needs of the site to achieve the effect of glare.

Seamless Connect LED Linear Light

Seamless linear light has more application for office etc commercial lighting. The seamless design allows for invisibly interconnecting the linear LED fixtures into rows of any desired length without visual interruption. Seamless connect led linear light available in Suspended and Recessed LED Linear Lights, it is into the walls and ceiling. Better construction and simple installation allow lighting to be seamlessly recessed into surfaces, hidden flush channels of light offer an architectural effect loved by those looking for clean, uncluttered ceilings.

  • Let the linear light have no dark area and choose a seamless connection;
  • We have designed L, T,+ type connectors for connection and PC cover/roll;

Seamless join linear light, KLM up and down glow linear light also suitable it!

Free combination linear lights

Combinations of linear light bring new style and flexibility to linear lighting systems. Linear light accent lighting combination with different optical illuminating, combines to create a unique multi-function system.
The KLM linear light system supports the combination of different modules such as spotlights, wall washers, pc diffusers, track spotlights, track light bars, etc., to achieve a variety of applications and countless shapes. Such as round, square, rectangle, rectangle, honeycomb hexagon, irregular splicing, etc.
Customers only need to provide ideas and drawings that they want to combine, and then they can enjoy a variety of choices of optical modules. More freedom to precisely light the space, suitable for a variety of scenarios.

Asymmetric wall-washer linear lights

KLM wall washer linear light suspended/surface-mounted, It takes advantage of advanced optical lens and emits asymmetric lights in a continuous line.

asymmetric lights at a 20° angle to the vertical direction, which resembles a wall-washing effect. It offers a new solution forbidding paintings or arts in art galleries.

An asymmetrical optic system evenly lights up vertical wall areas. Reduces longitudinal glare. Prevents shadow areas near the ceiling, Creates a uniform surface wash, Best used in places like museums and galleries.

Wide Angle linear light for Workshop

The KLM 5566 LED linear light system is designed for industrial lighting such as workshop production lines. Not only does this workshop lighting solution provide exceptional brightness for high-precision work, but it also helps to save a lot of energy. The 5566 linear lamp is a better replacement for traditional linear fluorescent lamps and is suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial, and lighting assembly applications.

  • 30° linear light: The sharp-angle lens can make the light highly concentrated, focus the items, highlight the items, and let the customers see the items clearly for the first time;
  • 60° linear light is specially designed for corridors, passages, and aisles;
  • 90° wide angle linear light multi-space and multi-area can be easily illuminated, and it is most suitable for use in supermarkets, with uniform light distribution, giving customers a good visual range and winning more popularity for supermarkets;

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How To Light The Commercial Area With LED Linear Downlights?

Recessed | Trimless | Surface | Adjustable | Grill | Square Design types

Linear downlight revolutionizes the concept of the downlight. Providing high visual comfort, uses the physical principle of pinpoint lamps, generating circular light emission. Our indoor LED linear downlights products guarantee energy efficiency and visual comfort in the retail, workplace, museums, and elsewhere.

  • The new Linear downlight High Contrast version is ideal for illuminating rather long and narrow spaces, such as corridors or areas of passage, communication, and hallways between adjacent rooms.
  • With the innovative black antiglare screen that defines emission with luminance control UGR<10.
  • Linear spotlights with recessed/surface trimless mounted and wall washer effect lighting. The system is a multiple, flexible, universal tool for interior lighting.
  • Linear LED downlight offers a minimalist aesthetic ideal general illumination in modern interiors.
  • Series include recessed downlights include linear downlights, planar downlights, and linear adjustable, and wall washer linear types all in various cell configurations.

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New wrapping for linear lights, luxury leather

The newest star series linear combination of suspended lights can be with track light, pendant light together. Best lighting with UGR<16.

  • Up & Down Linear lighting, Increase the sense of spatial hierarchy, and can offer comprehensive lighting, reducing shadows and uneven brightness.
  • Can do hand control;
  • Can choose a honeycomb for anti-glare;
  • DC24V low voltage control;
  • Up-down linear lights have dimming capabilities, allowing users to adjust the brightness and color temperature. This enables selecting the appropriate lighting effect for different activities or scenes.
  • Customizable leather styles bring a different sense of luxury to the space;
  • With a magnetic track bar, can be a combination with different shape lights;
  • Up-down linear lights often have a sleek and modern design, serving as part of interior decor. They may also offer color options to meet individual decorative preferences.
Leather Linear Light Series CATALOG | DOWNLOAD

As a LED Linear light factory, why choose KLM as your China supplier?

  • The office led linear light SMD to choose the original OSRAM brand;
  • Whenever surface linear light, recessed linear light, or up & down linear light can be done seamlessly connect;
  • Short linear spotlight type except choose normally lens also can be option round lens;
  • Low voltage decoration linear lights combined with different pendant light;

OSRAM LEDs Linear Light

Seamless Connect, PC MAX 25M/Roll

Free Combination with any shape

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What is LED Linear Light?

LED Linear light is a good solution for traditional fluorescent tubes replacement, can fit seamlessly into a building’s structure, the flexibility is the main advantage, also delivers aesthetic added value to our customers.

Why is Linear Lighting popular in the market?

  • Glare-free and natural-looking light;
  • Works well with a variety of ceiling heights;
  • Linear lights offer better esthetic appeal ;
  • Without compromising on the illumination needed for visibility;
  • Suspended fixtures are easy to install and maintain;
  • Linear lights can be recessed mounted, suspended mounted or surface mounted upon different installing requirements.;
  • Linear lights are dimmable and for convenient operation;
  • Linear light as complete lighting units that fit seamlessly into a building’s structure;
  • A variety of finishing is available and these include white, black and sliver, etc.;
  • The linear lights last much longer than the traditional fluorescent tubes;
  • All materials incorporated in LED linear lights are high performance, with superior heat dissipation qualities, protection from damage, and durability;
  • KLM linear light choose Tridonic or Philips etc brand driver, it comes with power surge protection features that protect the lamps from damage caused by electrical power fluctuations;
  • LED linear lights not only can be replacing fluorescent but also can replace incandescent light bulbs;
  • The linear lights are made for easy installation and therefore maintenance is essentially minimal once these lights are installed;

What is the advantage of LED Linear light?

  • Length of LED linear light can be customized
  • Various shapes and styling are optional for LED linear lights;
  • Free combinations can choose to create your idea and display effect;
  • LED linear lights can fit seamlessly into a building’s structure;
  • Provide anti-glare UGR<19 light that is visually comfortable,
    Versatility and clean styling makes;
  • Linear light is the upgraded supporter and ultimate destination for LED strips;
  • Linear lights offer better esthetic appeal and flexibility, which allows designers to create a range of effects in a room or mood with lighting;
  • LED linear lighting is easy to set up, and you can use it for lighting desk locations or any space.
  • LED linear lights are the most modern lamps in office lighting, industrial lighting, home lighting, and commercial lighting;

Why choose KLM LED Linear Light?

  • Materials: Specification grade full body housing and end plates are extruded aluminum;
  • Finish: All the painted after fabrication following treatment with a phosphate rust inhibitor.Finish coating of housing reflecting surfaces with white, high reflectance polyester powder.
  • A tracking mount on the rear allows for flexible mounting options whilst screw-less end caps complete the clean look.
  • KLM all of the linear lighting profiles offer completely interrupted continuous light with no dark spots for perfect illumination.

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    Yes, we have straight, L, or T or + seamless connector;

    Very pity, our standard office linear light can not do wall mounted.

    Sure, 2/3 or 4wire track adapter all suitable our lamps.

    Wall wash linear light have a reflector inside, directing light at an angle onto the wall to illuminate art, displays or signage..

    Sure, spot reflector, PC reflector and wall washer reflector and track bar can be free combination together.

    Our standard size with 1200mm, for shipping we suggest max 2000mm.

    But we can also provide custom lengths, depending on the lighting fixture.

    Our standard linear light with 220V or 110V.

    24v with star linear light free combination system also for your option.

    One of the main attractions of LED linear office lighting is aesthetics.

    Black and white color is our standard color of linear light.

    Bespoke RAL color powder coat is available so you can customize your fittings to match the color scheme of your space or company brand colors.

    Triac dim | 0-10V | DALI dimming all be ok.

    Yes, it is very easy function, we can do it.

    Philips | AGT | 3AAA | Tridonic etc.

    Choose our 4375 series with PC cover, the URG<19 with low glare.

    Up-down pendant light (Direct/Indirect Linear Pendant lighting),used to illuminate indoor areas. Excessive glare from lights can cause eyestrain and headaches, so it’s important to reduce direct glare and reflected glare within an office environment.

    No MOQ, 1pc is also available for us.

    Can be customized Rectangles, squares, L-shapes, tees, hexagons, waves, spirals, zig-zags, circles, or just random geometric weirdness.

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