Free combination up & down linear light

One track bar with Two suspended option

KLM’s latest release of the combination of aluminum linear light with cowhide brings a fresh design concept and creativity to the market. This lighting fixture combines aluminum and cowhide materials, adding a unique and sophisticated ambiance to the space, leaving a striking impression. It brings more freedom and a personalized experience to modern living.

“Up and down linear lighting effects”: This refers to the lighting design that illuminates both upward and downward directions, creating a visually appealing and balanced illumination.

“Increase the sense of spatial hierarchy”: This means that the lighting design enhances the perception of different levels or layers within the space, adding depth and dimension to the overall environment.

“Break the dullness brought about by unity”: This implies that the lighting effects prevent the space from looking monotonous or uniform, adding interest and variation to the visual experience.

In summary, the combination of up-and-down linear lighting effects enhances the spatial hierarchy, adding depth and complexity to the space while avoiding a monotonous and boring appearance.

Summary of advantages of ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) PCB (Gold-Plated Circuit Board):

Excellent Conductivity: Gold offers superb electrical conductivity, ensuring reliable electrical connections.

Good Corrosion Resistance: Gold exhibits exceptional resistance to oxidation and corrosion, ensuring long-term stability.

Easy Soldering: Gold forms strong solder joints with other metal materials, facilitating electronic component installation and connections.

High Reliability: ENIG PCBs are durable and stable, making them suitable for electronic products with high-reliability requirements.

Smooth Surface Finish: The ENIG process results in a flat surface, facilitating Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly.

scanning function, providing added convenience, enhanced sensitivity, and a more user-friendly experience.

It comes with a standard cellular network anti-glare feature and utilizes low-voltage 24V magnetic track strips, allowing for flexible replacement of lamp types.


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