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KLM Lighting: Your Trusted Magnetic Lights Manufacturer In China

KLM LED Magnetic track lighting system with different size series and functions can be 100% perfect for residential & commercial lighting displays where frequent changes are typical. In addition to straight magnetic track bar and curved magnetic track bar profiles, KLM magnetic track light system now also offers a full circle profile with a diameter of a max of 1800mm. Also, our magnetic lighting can be do dimming with smart control, like Traic dim, 0-10v, and DALI, Zigbee & Tuya systems can be matched.
As a professional magnetic lighting manufacturer, our magnetic system has been upgraded to the 7th generation—–Gypsum magnetic track lighting system, this is a huge innovation.

Through continuous innovation, the KLM magnetic lighting system combines magnetic track strips with 360-degree light-emitting tubes to differentiate itself from ordinary products on the market. Make the lines smoother and the space more three-dimensional.

  • The magnetic track bar is combined with the 360-degree light-emitting tube through aluminum fittings, which can freely form various shapes;
  • The magnetic track strip itself is combined with the silicone light strip to increase the ambient lighting;
360 Lighting Tube Series

How To Light The Architecture Area With LED Magnetic Lights?

KLM supplied a Led magnetic lighting system, which can do 24v & 48v. Different magnetic track bar sizes include 14mm/21mm/22mm/34mm and 45mm suitable for different lighting spaces. In addition to the standard magnetic system, circles and arcs fill up applications in different spaces. The newest gypsum magnetic system perfectly solve the problem of batch ash cracking / falling off, and integrate the track strip with the ceiling.

  • KLM LED Magnetic Track Light System offers a new generation of lighting with tremendous flexibility and possibilities. Magnetic Track bar can be recessed, trimless, surface, or suspended mount.
  • Magnetic lighting A variety of channel adapters are available for any configuration for inside corners, outside corners, wall-to-ceiling, “T”, “L”, and “4-way Intersections.”
  • The magnetic lamp inside with dimmable driver, match with transformer can dimming like Triac dim,0-10V, DALI, Tuya & Zigbee. CCT tunable also can be used.
  • Magnetic Light Modules include Spotlights, Linear lights, Pendant lights, Wall Wash lights, and 360D lighting tubes in various sizes, outputs, and lengths for any lighting needs. With 90+ CRI.
  • The KLM Circle or curvy magnetic is made from the same profile and therefore matches perfectly with the linear collection.
  • The round magnetic track lighting system is made of a round magnetic track and some light modules.
  • Gypsum magnetic track bar for residential or commercial lighting offers a new option.
KLM Magnetic Track Lighting Series CATALOG | DOWNLOAD(34MM 6WIRE)

Curvy & Circle Magnetic track rail lighting system trend

A curvy & round magnetic track rail is a minimalistic track lighting solution, Compared with the simple shape of the straight line, the arc and circle add more possibilities to the lighting design.

  • KLM Circle magnetic track rail with Half-circle, full circle, 1/4 circle, etc;
    Curvy magnetic track rail connect accessories application for different arc magnetic lighting designs;
  • Curvy magnetic track bar free combination connect with straight magnetic track bar, create new highlights in lighting design
    Circle or Curvy magnetic track bar both suitable recessed & surface or suspended mounted;
  • For KLM Circle or Curvy magnetic track bar standard single-group control & 3-group control with 4wire or 6wire;
  • All curvy magnetic led lamps are a patented product;
  • 22mm circle or curvy magnetic track lighting system application for residential application;
  • 34mm circle or curvy magnetic track lighting system application for residential application;
  • All curvy or round magnetic light systems can be dimmed with Triac dim, 0-10v, DALI, and Zigbee/Tuya, etc smart control, CCT tunable also ok;
Curvy Magnetic Lighting Series CATALOG | DOWNLOAD (22MM 4WIRE)

Why KLM LED Magnetic Lights is your best China supplier?

LM has been focusing on magnetic lighting systems since 2016, all magnetic track lighting systems with patented.

Our magnetic suction system is mainly divided into Commercial lighting and Residential lighting.

  • 45mm 8wire & 34mm 6wire for commercial lightings, such as interior aesthetics in public commercial places such as shops, museums, offices, and high interior decoration requirements;
  • 22mm 4wire & 21 3wire & 14mm 2wire are used for residential lighting, for example, it provides interior lighting for houses and homes. Small lighting fixtures for residential and lightweight requirements.

“T” “+” “L” etc accessories parts suitable for all magnetic series. Our magnetic track bar is different from other suppliers, our track bar can be with strip lights together.

2016years, standard or professional straight magnetic lighting system;
2018years, 22mm, and 34mm series also can do Round and Curvy magnetic light systems;

2019years, the newest “Star” Magnetic lights series can be combined with different track lights and pendant lights working together;

2020years, the popular “Sunset” Magnetic lights series follows the market trend to help you get more projects;

2021years, the newest gypsum magnetic lighting system perfectly solve the problem of batch ash cracking and falling off, and integrate with the ceiling perfectly;

Our magnetic lighting also can be with 360degree lighting connected together, designing different types.

Why choose KLM magnetic lighting for your project?

As the magnetic lighting system becomes more and more popular in the market, there are more and more homogeneous products. Often a product picture will show different quotations, making it difficult for customers to choose. Why is KLM confident that you will use our products to stand out in the bidding?

  • All KLM magnetic lighting system goods Fast update speed;
  • Magnetic track bar include: recessed/surface/suspended and trimless mounted;
    All magnetic lights adopt a buckle design, which is safer;
  • KLM magnetic lights are divided into standard version and professional version, providing different budget options for the project;
  • The professional version of the magnetic system adopts a high-power design to achieve the ideal illuminance in a limited space;
  • KLM magnetic lights have a variety of series sizes to meet different spatial applications;

KLM Magnetic All products are patented, exclusive design

KLM Magnetic track lighting system standard with 24V, that’s for magnetic lamps design offers more possibilities.

  • KLM Magnetic track bar can be supplied in straight/round / curvy types;
  • KLM Magnetic rail can be supplied arc magnetic connect;
  • KLM Magnetic lighting standard with sand black or white color, any RAL code color can be customized;
  • KLM Magnetic led lamps can be with honeycomb for anti-glare, magnetic pendant lamps with top quality silicon painting, newest magnetic PC curvy linear light, etc more than 10 types of lights for option;
  • Magnetic rail with 2wire, 3wire, 4wire, or 6wire even 8wire, can do single group or multiple control, etc with Triac dim, 0-10v, DALI, ZIGBEE, TUYA, etc smart control;
  • KLM magnetic lights have a variety of series sizes to meet different spatial applications;

As a Magnetic light factory, what is the difference between KLM and other factories?

  • Independent research and development, flexible application, accept product customization services;
  • There is no minimum amount, 1PC is also our VIP customer;
  • Consider for customers, reduce after-sales, and only provide products with quality assurance;
  • The magnetic track has a variety of shapes, suitable for recessed, surface, or hanging.;
  • Magnetic lights have a variety of shapes, which are different from the styles on the market to meet individual lighting design;

Fun with magnets and light.

KLM Magnetic lighting system It is track lighting redesigned and elegantly refined.

KLM Magnetic Track Lights, Your Best Choice

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Why was Magnetic light popular in those years?

With the rise of the minimalist style, more and more modern styles of decoration choose linear lighting.

Low-voltage magnetic track light: The low-voltage magnetic track light is magnetically attracted to the low-voltage rails. The advantages are also obvious. The low-voltage power supply is also safe. The lamps are easy to install and can be installed by hand. Completed, eliminating the cumbersome process of installing lamps.

In the case of power, you can mix various types of magnetic lamps according to various needs. The combination of low-voltage magnetic track can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. You can mix it with your favorite ones. modeling. The convenience of installation and simple style has been very popular among interior designers in recent years. The most widely used embedded magnetic track designed by the majority of trend designers

What is Magnetic Linear Lights System Feature:

Linear magnetic combination lighting is a lighting product or system that is classified from the appearance of the lamp. Based on the requirements of the mounting groove, the long strip shape is used as the basic form.

  • Lamps are miniaturized;
  • The appearance is linear;
  • The product is modularized;
  • The modules are integrated;
  • The lighting methods are diversified;
  • The accessories are diversified.

Meantime, it is not limited to space, any place, ceiling and wall installation of various environments.

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    To avoid demagnetization problems, KLM magnetic light system also adds a safety buckle on the lamp body to prevent the lamps from falling;

    Gold-plated color & black color for option.

    It is recommended that the installation length of the lamp track should not exceed 5M, and 5M is a group of separate branch power supply.

    If necessary, it is best to use 3M to supply power for a set of wires.

    You have to keep 20% of the total wattage to avoid overloading the circuit.

    For example:

    total 5pc magnetic light, 1pc with 12w, total power: 5*12=60W

    then driver total power should be >75w.

    We have 2 solutions for the drivers for your choice.

    • A remote driver like Meanwell brand etc;
    • Driver internal the rail;

    Yes, KLM magnetic track bar with 4wire or 6wire;

    You can set 3different circuit as your needs.

    Triac dim / 0-10v / DALI or smart control like 2.4G, WIFI, Tuya and Zigbee etc.

    No MOQ, 1pc is also available for us.


    The newest 21mm/22mm and 34mm professional magnetic light systems all can with 24v and 48v.

    • 36~24V belong to China standard safe voltage;
    • 48V can do max 2W/LEDs, 24V max only 1-1.5W/LEDs;

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