All information about Magnetic lighting system

What is a Magnetic Track lighting system?

magnetic track lights

The magnetic lighting system is a combination product, mainly composed of below parts: track, lamp body, and switching power supply. With magnetic attraction technology, the lamp components are adsorbed on the track. The track uses a low-voltage power supply, and the driver is very small. The entire track and the lamp can be made very small and exquisite.

No tools are needed to install them. Rotate, slide into any position, and adjust at any time – all it takes is one hand movement to highlight objects according to requirements.

Our all magnetic light locking technology is used in all magnetic lights. No tools are needed for installation, and spots can be safely released and adjusted and then securely clicked back into place.

What is a Magnetic lighting system feature?

What is a Magnetic lighting system advantage? 

The magnetic lighting system is the new linear lighting method not only takes into account the key lighting and basic lighting but also has the advantages of convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible movement, and so on.

  • Low voltage, touch-safe;
  • Variety of magnetic lamps;
  • Flexibility Increase or decrease magnetic lamps quantity;
  • Free combination with different magnetic light types;
  • Can move freely and adjust the angle;
  • Easy maintain, even if there is no ceiling, you can choose the surface installation method;

What is a Magnetic lighting system disadvantage? 

  • Compare with traditional track lighting systems, the cost is higher;
  • The trouble with installation and construction if workers have no more experience ;

What is the common combination of a Magnetic lighting system?

  • Magnetic track bar + magnetic track light;
  • Magnetic track bar + magnetic linear light + magnetic pendant light;
  • Magnetic track bar + magnetic spot light;
  • Magnetic track bar + magnetic linear light + magnetic grille light;
  • KLM magnetic track bar + led strip light;
  • KLM magnetic track bar + 360degree light tube;

The Magnetic lighting loose their magnetism?

How long time the Magnetic lighting lose its magnetism? Why did KLM never happen that?

KLM choose N42 standard materials for the magnetic lighting system;

To avoid demagnetization problems, KLM also adds a safety buckle to prevent the lamps from falling;

How about the KLM magnetic track bar quality?

magnetic track lights quality

Quality-How is the KLM Magnetic Track bar different from other suppliers?

High standards in design, material selection, and production processes are implemented to ensure the reliability, durability, and superior performance of our products.

In the market, there are two copper strips on both sides of the circuit board, and the electrical contact with the lamp body is an arc contact surface (the arc contact is energized, and sliding back and forth will wipe out sparks); the bottom circuit board of KLM is a flat copper foil, which is in electrical contact with the lamp body It is a flat contact surface (the flat contact sliding back and forth or long-term sliding will not wipe out sparks);

The bottom circuit board of the KLM magnetic track bar is not only a flat copper foil but also the surface is gold-plated to prevent poor contact or no electricity due to oxidation caused by long-term use;

The back suction side conducts electricity and separates the magnetic guides, which is convenient and does not directly interfere with each other;

KLM magnetic track bar All track circuit boards are treated with anti-salt fog treatment to prevent the circuit from being blocked or oxidized due to the influence of weather and climate in coastal cities (the water fog in coastal cities containing salt will be more corrosive than normal water fog powerful);

KLM magnetic track bar also can do with black color reduce presence in the lighting project;

Why KLM as your led magnetic track light supplier in China?

Providing customized solutions, after-sales services, technical support, or training adds value that may differentiate us from our competitors, making it easier for customers to engage with relevant projects.

  • Common magnetic light just includes spotlight/linear light etc;
  • KLM magnetic light track bar also can be with Silicone light strips to improve the overall decoration, also can be with KLM self R&D other low voltage 24v decoration lighting, like apple pendant lights, sunset lamps, start series linear lights and neon strip lights, etc;
magnetic lighting DALI dimming

All dimming functions with magnetic lamps you can find in KLM. Commonly used 21 /22 series and 34 series can do the whole set of dimming and color adjustment, and also realize the single lamp single control dimming and color adjustment. Triac dim/0-10v or DALI, smart control like 2.4G, WIFI,Tuya, Zigbee all ok.