Magnetic Hidden Recessed Track Lighting

What is Hidden magnetic track lighting?

The hidden recessed magnetic track lighting system also known as side-mounted track lights, involve installing the track on the ceiling with only the light fixtures visible.

Why choose KLM Magnetic Hidden Recessed Track Lighting?

Traditional recessed track lights typically have exposed tracks that are usually mounted on the ceiling or recessed into the ceiling, but a portion of the track is still visible. With the advancement of lighting technology and the improvement of design concepts, more and more people are turning to magnetic embedded track lights with side mounted (hidden mounted) that are more beautiful, simple, modern and easy to install.

side mounted track lights

How about Magnetic Recessed track lighting side mounted feature:

1. Side Mounting Design: The unique design allows the lights to be effortlessly installed on the side of walls or ceilings, offering a fresh alternative to traditional top-mounted fixtures.

2. Directional Lighting: This type of track lights comes with adjustable lamp heads, enabling users to conveniently adjust the angle and direction of the light, achieving highly precise lighting effects to meet various illumination needs.

3. Space Saving: Due to the side mounting configuration, these fixtures do not need to occupy the central space of the ceiling, effectively saving space and allowing for efficient lighting even in limited areas.

4. Modern Design Aesthetic: With a stylish and modern appearance, the track bar can be combination with strip light, Side mounted track lights become an integral part of interior decor, significantly enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

5. Versatile Application Scenarios: Suitable for various settings, including commercial spaces, home decor, and gallery exhibitions. Their flexibility enables them to provide personalized and customized lighting solutions for different environments.

6. Energy Efficiency: Often utilizing advanced LED technology, these lights exhibit high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. This not only reduces energy expenses but also aligns with the trend towards energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

7. The whole system canquick magnetic mounting.

Side-mounted track lights are a powerful and flexible lighting tool that is suitable for various occasions. If you are looking for a fixture that can meet various lighting requirements, side-mounted track lights are a good choice.

How does magnetic recessed hidden track lighting attach to ceiling?