Hidden track light PINSHIP series

PINSHIP Hidden track light magnetic series

What is the hidden track light?

Hidden track light also can be called concealed track light, it belongs to contemporary Track Lighting.

It is a new solution for recessed track lights. The hidden track light is the best solution in environments where a sleek, streamlined appearance is required. It offers the versatility of track lighting, and by recessing the track flush into the ceiling, the ceiling remains uncluttered.

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Why is a hidden track light popular in the market?

  • No more hangle track bars or hanging wires;
  • A minimalist aesthetic with only the track head visible;
  • Recessing the track flush into the ceiling, the ceiling remains uncluttered;

Where place can be applied a hidden track light?

Perfect for contemporary homes, offices, and workspaces, high-end retail, and small rooms where space is a premium, KLM PINSHIP hidden track lighting keeps the ceiling clean and unadorned;

PINSHIP Hidden track light feature

Why choose KLM hidden track light feature?

  • Hidden track light with magnetic function, free move & free adjustable;
  • Exclusive track bar design for single or double line;
  • Hidden track bar with strip light combination design;
  • 24/48V low voltage,100% safe;
  • Diversity of styles;
  • A hidden light track bar can do seamless connect;
  • A hidden light track bar specifically design with Gypsum together;
  • 4wire can do single or group control;
  • Sand white or sand black color option;
  • Easy install;
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PINSHIP Hidden track bar feature

What different KLM hidden track bar different from other suppliers?

  • A hidden track bar inside with a strip light for indirectly lighting;
  • The magnetic function can free adjustable track light for any angle;
  • Common track bar & Gypsum track bar option;
  • 24/48V low voltage, safe touch;
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