Flexible track light

VINE Flexible track lighting system

In the realm of contemporary lighting design, linear elements have gained prominence for their ability to produce captivating spatial effects. Embracing this trend, we have introduced the flexible track system, which not only caters to the growing demand for do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions but also enables the creation of a distinctive and imaginative lighting system.

The flexible cable used for connecting lighting elements is made of silicone, with a width of 18mm. It is a key component that can withstand tension. The VINE cables can be installed without any space restrictions.

They can be individually attached to the floor or ceiling using accessories, forming a regular network of horizontal, vertical, and freely inclined lines in space.

VINE breaks the common scheme of existing traditional lighting systems, making fixed design rigidity a thing of the past.
The VINE cables provide the freedom to design lighting without being limited by space restrictions.
They allow for the integration of light and space partitions, creating a versatile structure. The flexible cable connects the lights using various VINE components, offering strong flexibility.
This ensures that the basic lighting needs of the space are met while enhancing control and freedom over the lighting layout. With VINE, you can design your own unique style according to your preferences.

Suitable for home, display, commercial, art, and other spaces breaks a common scheme to existing lighting systems;

VINE Flexible Track Light Catalog