Suspended LED Rectangle Linear light fitting

LED Rectangle Linear light fitting

Suspension lighting or linear suspension light fixtures are popular lightings. Seamless linear light with different corner parts can let according to your design combination of different types. Like hexagon linear light or rectangle linear light etc. That’s a rectangular fixture with an aluminum shell that is perfect for offices, architectural spaces, and style above rectangular surfaces like dining room tables, kitchen islands, office …

How to order Customized Suspended LED Linear light with Rectangle/Square or other Type?

  1. Confirmed which types you want to order, like Rectangle, Square, Round, Hexagon, L parts, or others anything you want;
  2. Supply your need to types with size, according to you choose linear light item no., we will show exact size draw picture for you confirmed;
  3. Double-check order details like size, CCT, body-color, suspended mounted or surface mounted or recessed mounted, etc.
  4. Confirmed – Production – Aging Test – Shipping.

What do you want, What we can do.

Customized Linear light with big size, how to shipping?

Don’t worry, for all customized linear light KLM will choose seamless accessories to help clients when goods arrived can be installed to Assemble.