2019 Update LED Lights for Barber Salon Shop

Why now Barber Salon LED Lighting important?

In the barber salon shop lighting design, proper lighting is one of the most critical design factors, even if everything in the barbershop is perfect, but without proper lighting, it can also affect your customers’ service to your hairdressing salon feel. How the customer looks at the barber chair is crucial. If they feel good about their appearance, they can increase repetitive consumption and increase their income. Although the cost of the initial purchase is higher, the choice of LED lights (like led downlights, led track lights, led mirrow lights etc.) is still a very long-term investment for the barbershop, and best with the dimmer switch, these LEDs use less energy, long life, save maintenance and replacement costs. Therefore, long-term costs can be saved.

How to choose lights for Barber Salon LED Lighting Design?

When choosing an LED lights for a barber salon shop, everybody knows, for barbar shop, normally main have 2 differe area: Shampoo area & Hairdressing area. They are differnt are so lighting desing also different, let’s us read more:

Tips for Shampoo area lighting design:

  • Use indirect light to brighten the space is more common and plays a role in decoration.
  • Avoid choose high power lights, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.
  • There is no light above the top of the customer’s head, and the position of the guest’s head is completely illuminating and will not be glaring.
  • Ceiling spotlights illuminate the ground to provide basic illumination; background line troughs provide weak auxiliary lighting.

Hairdressing area lighting attention:

  • Avoid spotlights directly illuminating the mirror, which reflects the beam from the front to the customer’s eyes.
  • The lights on the top of the head will make the customer’s face have a shadow and can’t see clearly.
  • Unlike the shampoo area, the light in the barber area must be sufficient.

Shampoo area lighting attention:

  • Do not glare, do not install lights directly above the customer’s head!
    So as not to direct the light to the customer’s eyes.
  • Shampoo lighting should use side lights, reflector lights, surface lights, etc.
  • Use warm light to create a soft atmosphere, giving people a warm, warm psychological feeling.

Tips for Hairdressing area lighting design:

  • Use indirect light to brighten the space is more common and plays a role in decoration.
  • According to the barber shop, you need to put the overhead lights in the correct position for general lighting.
  • Appropriately set wall lights, floor lamps, mirror lights etc. for auxiliary lighting.
  • Lighting should be positioned to eliminate shadows.
track lights for barber shop
track lights for barber

There is no bad hairdresser, only the poor light barber shop

The temperature of the led lights used in the barber is very important. The warm temperature given off by KLM lights is preferable for enriching client complexions by making blemishes and other signs of aging blend in with the rest of the skin, and ideally complements most barbershop decors.

1: In the barbershop we should use 4000K natural white light, it is very suitable for the salon, because it allows the stylist to see the shadow of the customer’s hair, not so bright and glaring, it is painful;
2: Another important part of accurately observing the color of the hair is the color rendering index of the LED lamp, preferably CRI90, because customers who want to dye their hair may see a color in the salon and a very different color in the outdoors;

How a client looks in the barber’s chair is crucial. If they feel good about their appearance, it reinforces a positive experience for repeat custom, thus increasing revenue.

Before used Wall Light, either side of the mirror so that it directly lights the complexion. But now, from 2019, popularly used led wall washer downlight & Anti-glare downlights application barbershop.

In addition to the type of light, the placement of the light is also very important. You want to make sure there are no shadows around the chair so that the stylists can see every angle without needing to ask the client to move into better Light.

Best lighting for barber salon shop.

Successful salons mix and match different types of lighting.

1. Multiple spotlights: pay attention to direction, position, strength, and consider the customer’s tolerance.
2. Uniform lighting: the top of the head is added to the rear, and the wide-angle lighting fixtures are evenly arranged to make the customer look great and then bring a good top lighting to illuminate the work area.

Project for barber salon shop from KLM Lighting

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