All information of the 360° LED Lighting

What is a 360° led lighting ?

360degree acrylic tube

360° LED lights are usually made of food-grade silica gel and acrylic. They are the evolution of traditional neon lights and belong to decorative lights. They can be freely customized in various shapes and can be freely decorated in various space scenes. The innovative structure and optical design make it not only decorative but also well suited for functional lighting, while the modular design makes installation efficient and easy to maintain. Starting from 2021, it is very popular with lighting designers and users. It is simply born for decoration design. Most of them are suitable for commercial market places such as retail places, gyms, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Especially in decorative lighting, it is used to replace digital LED tubes and T8 tubes (old fluorescent tubes), and ordinary circular tube linear lamps.

What is a 360° lighting made of?

It is decided which types of 360° light you need?

  • KLM 360° Flexible light normally with food-grade silicon(top quality);
  • KLM 360° Hard light tube normally with food-grade silicon + acyclic ( some cheap with PC);

KLM patented 360degree LED lights are made of top-quality food-grade silica gel and acrylic, inside choose original OSRAM LEDs. They produce an amazingly even light with no hot spots and allow for a world of possibilities for installations of all sizes.

By the way, KLM 360° lighting all accessories materials all it is aluminum, not cheap one with iron.

What is the KLM 360° LED Light advantage:

The 360° flexible light is made of food silicone material, which ensures strong anti-yellowing resistance and high and low temperature, making it usable both indoors and outdoors;
The 360° acrylic tube, internal patent structure design, uniform light emission, diffuse, no light spot, combined with accessories, can flexibly customize any shape;

  • Can be bent arbitrarily to present different shapes, with no direction restrictions;
  • 360° led fixtures with 24v can supply dimmable power supply drivers which allow them to be dimmed;
  •  with CCT changeable, Single color, R, G, B/RGB/RGBW any color can be customized;
  • The length can be customized arbitrarily;
  • Installation accessories can be customized;
  • IP65, IP20 no pressure;
  • Using the double-layer shell design, the light is even and soft, not dazzling, with no glare, but it can ensure that the high-quality light source with high light transmittance does not hurt the eyes;

Regardless of the shape of the 360-degree LED light product, it evolved from two kinds of 360° Flexible light and 360° acrylic light.

  • 360° flexible light;
  • The 360° acrylic tube;

The 360degree light cables can be suspended straight from the ceiling, artfully draped, or looped around themselves. Use the creative freedom to decorate ceilings and walls with dynamic waves or create an aesthetic “jumble” that charges rooms with excitement and captivates every observer. Also can free combination with KLM other goods like magnetic lighting systems or pendant lights created more good ideas for lighting design.

Even KLM 360degree light tube system can be aligned along with a special track guide in a dead straight line.

Is there a max continuous length for the 360degree lights?

360degree light shape

KLM lighting 360degree light fixture:
Flexible length free combination with accessories matched to the available space and the ambiance of the surroundings to be created;

  • 360° silicon flexible light tube maximum length 10m;
  • 360° GAMA series flexible light series max length 15m;
  • 360° acrylic silicon light tube max length 6m;