Zoomable Gallery Track Spotlights

Newest Gallery LED Track Light series

The newest CFZ series 30W/40W track light is available in a choice of two finishes(white & black), can be customized finishes, and has four beam angles fixed, to serve a variety of needs. Adjustable beam angle:10-60°, It is compatible with a standard 2/3/4/6 wire or Globe circuit track.

This light is available in a black or white finish and suits commercial settings such as offices, retail stores, shopping malls,s and gallery or museums, etc.

Item No. Watts Size Specifications
KLM-CFZ-30W 30W D95x132mm Dia-casting aluminium
Body color: WH/BK
Beam angle: 10-60°
Body color: Sand black / Sand White
Voltage: 220VAC
DIM: Yes
2/3/4/6wire or GLOBE brand
KLM-CFZ-40W 40W D105x137mm