Gypsum Magnetic track light

Gypsum Magnetic track lighting system

The traditional aluminum magnetic lamp has been popular for many years since 2016, and KLM’s magnetic series has also been upgraded from one generation to six generations. With the development of the times and technology, in 2021, we have developed an innovative product in the industry—-combining gypsum with magnetic guide rails.

In order to solve the problem of ash cracking and falling off during the installation of magnetic guide rails, KLM has developed the latest series of gypsum magnetic suction rails, which can truly achieve an endless finish and integrate with the ceiling.

KLM Gypsum magnetic track bar advantage:

  1. Effectively solve the cracking phenomenon of magnetic attraction track and ceiling;
  2. Perfectly solve the problem of ash falling from magnetic track and ceiling;
  3. Fully integrated with the ceiling finish;
  4. The magnetic attraction track and the ceiling finish surface are flatters;
  5. The white magnetic track is combined with the white magnetic lamp;

How about the gypsum magnetic track light series:

  • 14mm with 2wire gypsum magnetic track light series;
  • 21mm with 3wire gypsum magnetic track light series;
  • 22mm with 4wire gypsum magnetic track light series;
  • 34mm with 6wire gypsum magnetic track light series;

In addition to the standard white gypsum magnetic track strips, we also offer black, red, and gold. Even custom plaster colors are accepted to meet different ceiling design needs.