How to choose the Recessed LED Downlights for Kitchen Use

Kitchen or Restaurant LED lighting is used to meet the various needs of lighting restaurants and other food-related facilities.

The combination of direct and indirect lighting is the best choice for a dining environment. Ambient light can be integrated into the building through indirect lighting to distribute the diffused light by first directing the light to the wall and ceiling surfaces. The fascinating effect of indirect lighting creates a serene atmosphere in the dining space by providing evenly distributed light, reducing shadows and glare. In any case, direct and indirect lighting must work together to create a lighting combination that complements the overall theme of the restaurant.

There are many types of lighting to choose from when setting up the kitchen. They can include crystal lamps above the head, recessed downlights, tabletop lighting etc.

The kitchen is, in essence, a workspace. For a Clean Yet Functional Style, Pendants are great and all, but some homeowners are not big fans of them.

They see the hanging fixtures as unnecessary clutter that causes friction with the existing clean kitchen decor.

If you are looking for a cleaner look while maintaining functionality, tryrecessed led downlights. They can be especially great for low ceilings where a hanging pendant would be too low.

1: The Led Colour Temperature for Kitchen

KLM Lighting suggested 4000k in kitchens to make food colors look better. Anything over 4000 will give you more realistic tones, now the kitchen is very modern, So choose the 4000k light source fills the room with a more natural looking light and works very well with the colors in the kitchen. The overall effect is very effective and more people are choosing 4000k color temperature LEDs now for their kitchens than ever before.

PS: LED products, there is a choice of colors, choosing a color will set the mood of your space.

3000k vs 4000k of led lights

PS: LED products, there is a choice of colors, choosing a color will set the mood of your space.

There are some common areas where the different colors can be used:

  • Warm to Warm white – living room, bedroom, hallway
  • White to Cool white – kitchen, study, bathroom, cupboard, office, retail
  • Daylight – Commercial, retail, art studios

How to choose led downlight color temperature?

choose downlights color

2: How many pieces led lamps in your Kitchen? Choose 1pc  LED Ceiling lights or a few of LED Downlights?

Ambient kitchen lighting is the base layer that makes a room usable. As in other rooms, this is generally lighting that originates from the ceiling. Recessed lighting is the current reigning trend. The key to ambient lighting is to provide a consistent light layer, and recessed lighting accomplishes this efficiently. Think of where your feet will be, and youll want to ensure that space is lit.

which lights for kitchen

The problem with this below simple lighting uses a ceiling lamp is shadowed are in the work area.

So, for kitchen lighting design must be satisfied with below 7 requests:

1: Bright

2: No shadows

3: Anti-glare

4: Good Colour Temperature

5: High CRI

6: Save energy

7:  setting a delightful ambiance

How to buy dimmable LED downlight that won’t flicker?

lights shadows

3: How to arrange and position LED downlights in a Kitchen?

Lighting can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of any room. And, when downlights are part of your lighting scheme, you can create the ideal arrangement while you save energy, cut costs and maximize space. Putting downlights in a kitchen, The kitchen has increasingly become a focal point in the home. Much more than just a place to cook, the kitchen has become a favorite place to eat, socialize and spend time as a family. Food preparation, especially where slicing and dicing are involved, is easier and more enjoyable in bright, well-lit conditions. You cant cook up a culinary masterpiece with a shadowy worksurface – so make sure you illuminate what you are doing, not the back of your

When using recessed lighting, always check the recommended spacing with your ceiling height and the power of the unit being used.  (Inquiry)

By the way, if you are having trouble moving power around in the ceiling, a track or monorail system will work and be making sure the lights do not create too much glare.

led downlights position
track lights for kitchen

Don’t forget the cabinets light?

In general, for the traditional classical cabinets recommend the use of warmer color-temperature with led lights, which will easily create a retro-feeling lighting impression; while the modern and fresh cabinet styles will use the neutral cool-warmed led lights to be appropriate and create a lively style. At the same time, it is easy to produce a jumping glow on metal and mirror materials.

ultra cabinet lights

4: How to choose the right CRI for your kitchen lighting, CRI 80/90 or 97?

The higher CFI will render colors more accurately.

Lighting CRI isnt just important for food; this change in color can have a profound effect on the spaces within your home. Under low CRI lighting, objects like countertops, cabinets, shelving, and paint colors can appear dull, or may not match as well as they did in the store. It can mean the difference between crisp white cabinets, or a kitchen with a greenish hue.

downlights CRI